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Honeywell AerospaceOne of the best classes I have ever attended. Your shared experiences and knowledge helped me better understand the environment we all work in, and your willingness to offer advice and suggestions showed me that we are indeed one Honeywell. I walked in not knowing anyone in the room, but I left feeling like we had worked together through many a challenge, and that in itself was worth the four days of instruction. Well done, Claude.

Steve Filippini
Senior Technical Training Supervisor

Performance Development GroupIn my role as Program Director for a global training consulting organization I’ve worked with Claude over the past 3+ years. Claude has provided training facilitation for several of our clients during that period.

In this role Claude delivered training, mostly related to Leadership development (including training focusing on Right First Time and cross-boundary collaboration), for multiple clients across the globe. In addition to scoring in the top 5% of all of our facilitators, Claude was instrumental in the re-design of several of our training programs, providing input based on his expertise in this subject.

As a facilitator Claude makes a real connection with the learners. In post-training surveys it is not uncommon to see feedback mentioning Claude’s ability to provide relevant examples that resonate - he makes the learning personal.

I highly recommend Claude as a caring, fun, and effective facilitator.

Fran Robison,
Director Delivery Services/PMO
Performance Development Group

Honeywell AerospaceI recently attended a Leadership Workshop that Claude led. The program covered a broad spectrum of leadership tools and personal development topics. Claude was well prepared and was very knowledgeable on the material he was presenting. He did a great job relating the topics to both his personal experiences, but also to the corporate atmosphere at my company. It was a pleasure meeting Claude and I would recommend this course to my peers as well as take other courses he were to lead

Neil Hounjet,
Manager, Customer & Product Support
Honeywell Aerospace

MerckClaude presented "Collaborating Across Boundaries" to help facilitate with our organizational change process. Based on my experience with team building exercises to help with organizational change and transition, Claude displayed extensive knowledge and expertise in (organizational) cultural differences and human behavior; two key components of change management and cross team collaboration. The overall experience was thought provoking and gave all of the participating team members a fresh perspective with which to view change and cross team functionality.

David Bennett

Express Appliance Service, LLCClaude, I just wanted to thank you for helping me take my business to the next level. For too long I was stuck in a rut where I was working harder and harder for less and less results. I couldn't see the big picture of my business and I had been just going through the motions to keep the business moving. After taking you on as my business coach within weeks we had identified huge opportunities that I had been overlooking due to being understaffed. I was nervous about hiring someone but you helped me pick someone who could help me and you also helped me bring clarity to my purpose for being in business. Now I am working less and making more. I can't thank you enough.

Rich McGranahan
Express Appliance Service LLC

Michael L. GutmanMeeting with Claude has helped both me and my staff to fine tune aspects of our business as we look toward the future. Claude is great, from Human Resource issues to Marketing issues, he is an all around guy. Claude is a personal trainer for the business. A trusted individual who is helping us fine tune our business. I suggest you call Claude.

Michael L. Gutman
Real Estate Attorney

iCookuEatAs a small business owner I was having problems reaching more clients. Since our first meeting Claude has helped me think differently and immediately pinpointed the deficiencies in marketing and sales. He also suggested creative ways to mine more business from existing clients. Just the simplest tactics that never occurred to me because I was too busy "doing" and not "planning and focusing". Claude was instrumental with changing my mindset. I am grateful for the time I've spent with Claude. He was always positive, upbeat and excited about taking your business in a new direction for the better. I would definitely recommend Claude/CHB Associates.

Karyn Cardenas,

Astor AllianceClaude has helped me start and grow my coaching practice through all aspects of the business. His experience as a coach and the success he has had was easily transferred to me. Either as a coach of coaches or as a coach of your business, I highly recommend Claude to help you strengthen and grow your business.

Todd W Rogers
The Astor Alliance

Inca GraphicI am truly grateful for the opportunity to work with you. In the short time we have been meeting, you have helped me already to see new possibilities and to reconnect with what I love to do. I thought it was the creative process of design that I loved, but it is actually using that skill and talent in service of my bigger passion, the arts. Thank you for helping me see that. I feel like I have been blindfolded for 11 years, and now the blindfold has been removed. I know that there is a huge amount of work ahead of me to realize my goals, but I feel as if an enormous weight has been lifted off me.

Craig Gunter
Inca Graphic Production

J6 Media WorksI was recently asked, 'If I was given a magic wand and I could change only one thing about my business what would I change?' And after much pondering my answer - clarity. The clarity of what my business is all about and how it is unique in the market place. This important question and the ability to come to the answer is all thanks to the coaching I've received from Claude Blanc.

Claude has helped me to understand the one item that has plagued my business for years: the lack of clarity of mission.

(...) In fact I recently closed a large deal that I would have missed had I not found this specific clarity I've been missing for years. (...)

Thank you Claude! I am forever grateful for your unique insights and coaching skills and the fruits that our relationship brings to my business."

Edward Roy,
J6 Media Works

Salon Talent Watch"What most impressed me about Claude when I first met him, was his genuineness. He is an empathetic listener, and a master at seeing the 'big' picture. His ability to articulate constructive criticism, with solid direction, is a gift. When he has the opportunity to speak to a larger group, he has a commanding but gentle presence, that is provocative and persuasive. I am currently under his tutelage, and learning more about myself, my own strengths and weaknesses, and how to hone them to achieve greater success and balance, than ever before! I am very comfortable recommending Claude for coaching any business of any size, at any stage of growth."

Anne Galya,
Salon Talent Watch

What Clients Say

A trusted individual who is helping us finetune our business. I suggest you call Claude.

Claude displayed extensive knowledge and expertise in (organizational) cultural differences and human behavior; two key components of change management and cross team collaboration. 

Claude was instrumental with changing my mindset. I am grateful for the time I've spent with Claude. He was always positive, upbeat and excited about taking my business in a new direction for the better.

Now I am working less and making more. I can't thank you enough.

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