Claude Blanc


What is business coaching? Why CHB Associates?

What are we about?

We help businesses, their owners and their executives identify and achieve their goals. With a value centered approach, we help our clients assess their situation, refine their strategy and, with newfound clarity and focus, execute their plan effectively.

How do we do it?

CHB Associates’ coaching method is a proven approach. We use powerful personality, business and financial assessment tools. After diagnosing the current situation, we help you, the owners and principals of the business, identify your values, goals and objectives. We, then, help design the action plan to go from here to there. We measure results at each step of the way and instill accountability in the process. It is not a quick fix but a long term approach where incremental steps produce revolutionary changes. We are so confident of our results that if a client is not fully satisfied after his/her first month of coaching we will give them a full refund.

Who are we?

Claude Blanc

Claude Blanc, president of CHB Associates, LLC, has years of experience as a seasoned businessman. In 2004 he started a business development consulting company. Before that, he had held several executive positions in sales and operations in a variety of large and medium size corporations.

He has a record of transforming business organizations, cutting costs and rationalizing to maximize profits. He has led teams in excess of 300 people across 30 locations, and managed budgets in excess of $1B. He has international experience and is fluent in French and Italian and some Spanish. His strengths include leading and integrating large, geographically dispersed teams and supplier networks while improving systems and procedures to maximize efficiency and impact the bottom line.

The primary benefit he has brought to organizations is his ability to assess organizations and business situations, develop the best path forward for success and then execute the strategy through a disciplined and systematic approach. His strong analytical background complements his operational skills.

He is a licensed coach, a certified training facilitator and a member of the International Coaching Federation, and the New Jersey Professional Coach Association. As such, in addition to his own, he draws on the experience of dozens of highly regarded coaches across North America.