What They Say

In my role as Program Director for a global training consulting organization I’ve worked with Claude over the past 3+ years. Claude was instrumental in the re-design of several of our training programs, providing input based on his expertise in this subject. As a facilitator Claude makes a real connection with the learners. In post-training surveys it is not uncommon to see feedback mentioning Claude’s ability to provide relevant examples that resonate – he makes the learning personal.

Director Delivery Services/PMO

Claude displayed extensive knowledge and expertise in (organizational) cultural differences and human behavior; two key components of change management and cross team collaboration.

Director, Pharmaceutical Company

A trusted individual who is helping us fine tune our business.


I am grateful for the time I’ve spent with Claude. He was always positive, upbeat and excited about taking your business in a new direction for the better.

Owner, Catering Business

Thank you Claude! I am forever grateful for your unique insights and coaching skills and the fruits that our relationship brings to my business.

CEO, Media Company

What most impressed me about Claude when I first met him, was his genuineness. He is an empathetic listener, and a master at seeing the ‘big’ picture. His ability to articulate constructive criticism, with solid direction, is a gift.

Startup Entrepreneur

Keeping a motley group focused on a multi-day corporate workshop is never easy. Claude not only did it with élan, his coaching was very effective. He guided the group discussions and managed serious differences amongst debating groups with a polite and firm presence.

Sales Leader

Claude brought advanced learning experiences into our corporate learning environment allowing myself and working peers to experience a higher level of learning while enhancing our management skills. His work made it deeper into my everyday thought processes, and has had many benefits as I continue to work and serve others each day.

Manufacturing Manager

Claude draws on considerable depth of experience to provide actionable, real-world leadership coaching and frank management advice. He is a fantastic resource for honing interpersonal relationship and communication skills. 

Channel Director

Claude brings concepts to life with his real-world, relevant work experience. But most of all, Claude inspired us all with his contagiously positive attitude and passion for taking on whatever the next step brings.

Engineering Director

I participated in 4 day leadership workshop led by Claude. This workshop was focused on developing effective communications, team performance, change in the organization, developing trust and cultural competency. One of the best workshop I attended till date. Claude didn’t only help out in making us understand various concepts towards leadership but also help me understand my own personality type and how I can change people’s perception towards it to achieve that next goal in life. Thank you for beautiful and inspiring 4 days Claude.

Project Manager

I have just completed an enjoyable four day corporate leadership skills workshop led by Claude in Chicago, focused on developing cultural awareness, effective communications and team performance. This was the most productive training I have attended. Claude has a very effective style of coaching discussion and solutions from the attendees that is engaging and insightful.

CEO, Engineering

Four straight days of leadership training can be draining. Not the case with Claude at the helm. He is well informed, engaging and passionate about leadership and coaching. Most importantly, Claude helped me identify several weaknesses that I could address immediately.

Engineering Consultant

All I can say is “Wow”. What a positive, energetic class that Claude taught. He used lots of real life examples to flow across his message. He also used many activities to kick off class participation that we wanted to support! With his leadership, we wanted to come back the next day to see what positive message he had. What a great week!

Sr. Program Manager

Claude is an excellent facilitator, with proven theoretical and practical leadership knowledge. His communication style is engaging and illuminating.

Transportation Analyst

Claude has been an invaluable resource for me in thinking strategically about my career and my business. He has a holistic approach that fully respects who I am while challenging my preconceived answers and mindsets.

President, Publishing

Claude’s insight, techniques and coaching approach have greatly helped me improve my leadership skills, establish clear career goals and above of all find a great balance at work.

Sr. Vice President, Publishing

Claude surprised me at our first meeting. His approach considered both the bigger picture as well as the key weaknesses in my business plan. I understood clearly what the next steps for my publishing business should be. In summary, Claude is resourceful, creative and well grounded.


Claude is a wonderful facilitator, using his extensive experience in coaching and business leadership. Claude has the strong ability to focus groups and to allow them the space to make their discoveries.

Leadership Development Consultant